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Proofreading Assignment Complete! December 2, 2008

Posted by Fantastic Four in Proofreading.
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Must… go… sleep…

Words… words, everywhere (said in a Hermionic accent)

~~~ The End ~~~



1. Primal Sneeze - December 2, 2008

And what is an “Hermionic” accent? Forgive my ignorance.

2. Gaye - December 2, 2008

It’s the accent of Hermione Granger. 🙂
Your ignorance is excused!

3. Baino - December 2, 2008

haha . .don’t feel too bad Primal . .took me five minutes! Wads Wads, . . every-war!

4. Gaye - December 2, 2008

LOL! You won a lolly bainobebe!

5. Conan Drumm - December 2, 2008

Hermione presumably comes from Hermes, the messenger, also the root of hermetic and very suited to the work you do!

6. Gaye - December 2, 2008

Oh gosh, never thought about it that way, I was just thinking Harry Potter’s Hermio….. I mean, well I knew that already and was checking to see if any of my blog visitors would figure it out!
Two lollies! And a bikky!

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