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GaudiumDeLingua Going Multi-Lingual October 15, 2008

Posted by Fantastic Four in Language, Language Study.
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I have this most exciting project in my mind for this blog. I am going to write posts in four languages, two of which I am still learning. It will be impossible to do this if things get a little too technical but if I do it right, I think my language studies will benefit hugely. Extra-curricular learning via a little effort and research will improve my vocabulary in Russian and German.

The next few weeks I will figure out how to incorporate multi-lingual posts into the blog. I still have another post due, which I have planned in September.

Stay tuned ~ that is if you are still out there dropping by.



1. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - October 15, 2008

You clearly don’t want your readers to understand a word of what you’re saying, right? 😉

2. Nick - October 15, 2008

Sounds a rather ambitious project but will stay tuned to see how it goes! Do you follow The Major’s blog? He always does English and French versions. Un progetto molto eccitante!

3. Gaye - October 15, 2008

Vanilla dearest, would I ever let my handful of readers down???? Always English version on top!

Nick, it is going to be difficult if I try to do it for every post – especially long and complicated ones. I am trying to think of how I can incorporate this into gaudium de lingua without killing all of my brain cells. I was thinking I could write light-weight, short posts and practice Russian and German translations that way. Turkish version, of course, wouldn’t be a problem. Any suggestions?

4. Gaye - October 15, 2008

Nick – by the way I got the basic idea from The Major, after reading a bit of his and Red’s blogs. But I want to change it in the way that I add not only the two languages I can manage easily but the other two that I am in the process of learning, so that’s the tough part.

5. bainbridge01 - October 16, 2008

Of course we’re still dropping by thanks to Reader and Blogger ‘Follow’ Now you’ll have to be truthful. I have a friend who uses a gaelige pickup line ..the girls think it lovely but he’s really saying “I want to go to the shop and eat cake!”

6. Primal Sneeze - October 16, 2008

And we get to pick which language we comment in too? Now that would be fun.

7. Nick - October 16, 2008

Starnuto Primale – Un’ idea meravigliosa! Ma forse Italiano non é permesso?

8. Gaye - October 16, 2008

Is that you Baino (bainbridge01?) ? I will be truthful I promise. There was a beer ad in Ireland, in a bar somewhere in a non-English speaking country this Irish lad is pressured into saying something in Gaelic and he starts like he is telling an epic tale, or reciting a poem, in a dramatic way, all the girls have melted and he gets free beer at the end of the performance but people who speak some of the language know he says basic stuff you learn at school like “May I go to the toilet etc”. I have the check with Primal to see if he can tell us what the dude was saying.

9. Gaye - October 16, 2008

Mr Sneeze, most definitely! What a brilliant idea!
Actually I need to pick your brains on upgrading wordpress. I want to change the look of the blog and find a way to set it up to cater for multi-lingual posting. I want a new theme and ability to integrate my ideas into the blog. I don’t know I am still thinking. All I know is, I don’t want to post 4 different versions it would make the blog very difficult to follow. I am not sure if I want to put all 4 into one post either. Basically I have this idea I don’t know how to implement, but I know what I don’t want to do. D’oh!

10. Gaye - October 16, 2008

Nick ~ Naturalmente l’italiano è permesso. Che altro è Babelfish per???
Lasci il divertimento cominciare!!!!!
On a serious note, I won’t be using Babelfish for Russian and German. I want to try and do it as part of my study so it will require blood and sweat over the dictionary, text books, grammar books, lecture notes. I just need to find a good format and design for the blog for this project to work. I have never been this excited about blogging before. I guess it suddenly means a bit more now. A challenge.

11. wisewebwoman - October 18, 2008

Oh good luck Gaye, great idea, tho implementation might be a bit tricky as you say. Nothing like something challenging to whet the appetite. ;^)
Beannachtai go leor (many blessings)

12. Gaye - October 19, 2008

Absolutely WWW. And thank you.
I have a few different ideas on how that may be pronounced… Turkish is one of the if not the most phonetic language in the world, so easy to learn pronounciation once you learn how to pronounce every alphabet.
Can’t say that for certain other languages, hehe!

13. Conan Drumm - October 21, 2008

Beidh mé air ais! (Mar a deir Schwarztnegger sa scannán)

14. Gaye - October 22, 2008

You are going to make me work, aren’t you Conan? The clue is the Schwarzeneger… Hmm. Without diving into my trusty Irish – English dictionary, I will hazard a guess:
I will be back (said in a Schwarzeneger accent?)

Let the multi-lingual games begin!!!!!

PS: I still have to cough up some money and upgrade the blog so I can play with the format to accommodate different languages.

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